The Land

The land is in one of the most spectacular places of Punta del Este.

It has a superb and open view to the sea, which are two characteristics that few other pieces of land have. Its location makes it easy to access the most beautiful places in Punta del Este in just a few minutes.

Its closeness to the sea enables to have access to the best beaches in a couple of minutes.

The nature of this land is unique, since it forms part of Aboretum Lussich, which has more than 600 varieties of trees from all over the world.

The land is made up of 5 hectares, 120 mtr. on the front and around 500 mts. on the back. Its inferior part limits with a pathway which may be easily transited all through the year in any weather condition. There, the land reaches the lowest level of height and is 0 mts off the driveway, where it reaches 70 mts, on its upper part.

The land has already an internal access path which enables to transit across it.
This piece of land provides with the opportunity to build a house or a group of houses (real estate project).
The water pipelines and electricity connections are at the gateway of the land.
We already have the municipal authorizations to develop, among other things, a vineyard on the lowest part of the land.
Enclosed is a description of the architectural project. We also have all the plans developed by the international office of Architect, Marcelo Daglio.

Real Estate Project


The Program
The residential complex, Cumbres de la Ballena, shall be registered as part of the land division ordinance, which is framed within Act 17292 on the urbanizations of condominiums. The concept of wine makes it a proposal of special characteristics which is intended to set an example of respect towards the landscape and its surroundings, and is based on a high ecologic concept aimed at conserving the environment. This is regulated by a co-ownership set of rules that reinforce these architectural-scenic concepts, thus enabling the project to be included in the category of CERTIFIED NATURAL COAST, in accordance with ISO 14000 standards.

THE COMPLEX shall be comprised of private pieces of land and areas of common use by the co-owners. The concept of wine makes it possible for you to realize your dream of having your own vineyard at home; all the necessary infrastructure to make this dream come true forms the basis of the project. Apart from the necessary infrastructure to ensure a high level of technology and services.

Private pieces of land:
Around 26% of the total surface of the land is intended to be fractioned for the purchase-sale by future owners. The average surface of the privatelands ranges from 2,000 m2 to 2,200 m2. The location of the housing to be built in such areas and their outer spaces shall be pre-established on a general project, so as to have the excellence of the panoramic views form all the properties.

The properties shall have approximately 370 covered square meters plus outer fenced spaces and a swimming-pool; each house shall be intimately linked to the place, and its location within the piece of land plus the area it physically occupies shall be clearly pre-established on the project and not exceed 15%of the entire land, thus providing this residential complex with a high level of green surfaces and unique characteristics in that area.

The properties shall be equipped with all the necessary services for the owners’ optimum comfort. Whether the properties are to be used in the winter or in the summer, special care should be taken with the treatment of the materials selected, which should facilitate the creation of a more suggestive environmental space and shapes, and seek the right integration with the surroundings. The materials shall be fine materials, lasting, and easy to maintain.
The houses shall have the following rooms: dining- and- living-room, integrated kitchen, fireplace, 3 en suite bathrooms, of which one shall be the main one, service room, laundry room, outside patios, covered and fenced, outside barbeque place, swimming-pool, garage and cellar.

Given the low-density characteristic of this complex, it is not deemed necessary to have a separating system of transit, which is to say that the roads shall be pedestrian streets, as part of wandering across the complex. There will also be roads and paths for strolling through the woods and the vineyards.

Their design shall be governed by a concept of strong integration with the environment as well as with architectural and natural details; their pillars shall define the trajectory of the paths and roads.
Pathways are not to be transited by vehicles of more than 2 tons, and the only vehicles allowed on them shall be the owners’ and whoever they authorize, and parking shall be forbidden in those pathways.
Trucks shall have a maximum width of 6 mts and shall be parked on dead-end street.

Recreation and leisure areas
The areas destined to vineyards and oak tree forests, shall be places of interest for the visitors and shall be adequate for strolling, generating areas of rest and relaxation, for the contemplation of such magnificent scenario.
The wine bottling area shall also be a place fit for the visit of its co-owners, who shall organize private events there, such as the grape harvest party, bottling and labeling, etc.

Each owner will have an exclusive place for storing wine bottles close to the forest and the housing, which may store up to approximately 1,500 to 2,000 bottles per proprietor.

Services Area
This area is well-divided off the rest of the complex in such a way as to not affect the natural phisnomy of the place, with 3 well-delimitated sectors:
The wine storage sector, the wine bottling sector and the labeling sector, each of which has its own outer space and a loading and parking area.
Shed Sector and staff resting-place, with its own outer space.
Housekeeper House.

Access Control
A perimeter stone wall simulating a railing shall be the image of arrival to the complex. There shall be two entries: the main entry and the service entry, which shall be controlled by a single caretaker’s room, which shall manage all the services required by the co-owners, as well as the services subcontracted to third-parties but administered by the complex, such as: gastronomy, horse-riding, party service, taxi service, laundry service, maid service, etc.
Any Punta del Este offer may be coordinated from the administration.
Any person who accesses the complex shall be checked by the caretaker at the complex entrance, having been previously authorized by the co-owner.

The services for the co-owners shall be in their entirety executed by third parties and administered by the complex.
All the works to be conducted at the Complex shall be previously evaluated in terms of their environmental impact and the necessary management measures to avoid them.
Special care shall be taken as to the treatment of residual effluents and rainwater.
All the reports form the technical specialists to act in the complex are to be enclosed.

Architectural Concept
Our proposal somehow aims at highlighting and strengthening the natural beauties of this piece of land, as well as of its panoramic views, the oak tree forest and the vineyards.
The natural composition of the land, with its great steepness of 65 mt suggests that this piece of land is like a great balcony within its surroundings.

The challenge shall therefore be to develop, from this idea, a set of 6 residential units based on the following basic premises: to respect the altimetry curves, to revalue the Oak Tree forest and the relevant afforestation, to get the best views from the properties, to achieve a design of pure, linear and semi-buried shapes in some cases, always incorporating our works into the surroundings, in our attempt to link and merge architecture with nature, and in such way as to redesign the rest of the landscape.

The materials: natural, easy-to-use materials obtained from the place:
Stone, concrete, aluminum, steel, all of which are noble and resist the passing of time.

The idea is that the residential houses do not interfere with each other, to avoid visual or sound pollution between them, that theowners from the upper units do not feel the presence of the lower unit ones.

Access to the complex is through a by-road: a perimeter stone wall barely revealing the way to the vineyard, to recover and highlight the Oak Tree Forest, to discover, while walking through this complex, the wonderful views which evoke and strengthen nature and the feelings arousing from this land and its surroundings.

All the preceding are the big coordinates for the definition of the design guidelines of the residential complex, Cumbres de la Ballena.

Marcelo Daglio


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