Loyalty plans

The name of the game databases, the most precious resource in business and less exploited. Turn data into information to improve understanding of the consumer, and generate marketing actions with a greater likelihood of success.

After the conquest we assume that consumers will continue to buy, so we created a portfolio of solutions designed to build loyalty based on exit barriers (benefits), both emotional and rational.

Increased revenues and profits of our customers. Met customer loyalty and build strong defenses to its competitors.

“Transfomando transaction relationships”

We do:

. Strategic Planning
. Frequency program design, Points and Discounts
. Models of Redemption
. Strategy Awards
. Creative Design
. implementation
. Financial Design
. Analysis and Statistics


. Acquisition programs
Locate leads and determine how to acquire them at a profit.
. Growth programs
Increased revenues and profits from customers through:
. Loyalty Programs / Cross Selling / Up Selling / Activation
. Recovery programs
. Re-activation programs

Some of our programs:









Internet, a unique combination, created to generate brand experiences amplified by the power of the network.

Internet is changing the advertising, marketing and interactions between people, and BTL actions are not free of the effect "i". We create brand experiences that deserve to be told and shared, so any action BTL integrated platforms and digital channels necessary to amplify activation. Re-invent the BTL conceiving ideas from other marketing paradigm to generate:

. More Awareness, longer range, more engagement with fewer resources
. Geographical coverage extended replicate without our activation everywhere and at the same time
. Measuring results from end to end, before, during and after the activity
. New Audiences usually not part of our traditional public
. Amplification prolonging the effect of the activity, generating conversation and a higher level of engagement
. Generation of habits that endure over time, beyond the activations
. Marketing platforms self-sustaining over time, rather than ephemeral ideas


More has one of the best creative teams in the market.
International awards and successful campaigns guarantee our abilities and professionalism.

We understand creativity as the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between ideas and concepts known, usually produce original solutions. For this we use all available means in an appropriate combination to produce maximum results.

Social Networks

Social networks are a means of expression in constant motion, are a noisy space murmuring behind us 24x7.

Brands should be part of social networks to create as many positive conversations as possible and thus be relevant in the lives of the people you want to talk. Either that or die trying. But as we see the marks, enthusiastic, opening their profiles and posting on social networks appear several vital questions:
. What is the right strategy for a brand?
. Will generate user interaction because our product? . Will we create unstoppable snowball if we open social networks?
. What return are in a community of hundreds of thousands of fans?

In More we can help brands to filter all the noise coming from social networks (and the organization), to encourage positive communication daily and stimulating between the brand and its consumers

Digital services

The so-called Digital Media Revolution is not an invention of the media, but is a technological and social phenomenon that has forever changed the horizon of business and the way how brands interact with customers.

In More are experts in:
. Usability and User Interface Design
. Building large portals
. E-Mail Marketing and CRM Strategy
. Web design
. Social and Content Marketing
. Animation and digital production
. Planning, buying and digital media optimization


We are facing the media revolution and screens, every day is a new space for expression, a new opportunity to interact meaningfully with the consumer.

As a media agency we have the experience to combine uniquely with paid media and conquered themselves, and create an integrated approach to measurement and analysis of results from end to end. We mathematicians, rational, in the media division can not tell for creatives Engineers. We are the left brain of More.

Portfolio of Services:
. Research and consumer knowledge and habits
. Media Planning and Buying
. Campaign Management and Ad Serving
. Campaigns optimization
. Econometric models of attribution of results

Mobile marketing

The internet revolution is starring in mobile devices, creating a new form of interaction with end users, adding to the equation more customization capabilities, based on the location, connectivity, device type and user-defined preferences.

Advertising on phones and tablets is a booming business which will replace part, not only internet advertising but also happens in TV, radio, print and OOH. That is why we created a set of services 100% focused on helping our customers to enter the territory "mobile":

. SMS marketing
. SMS promotions
. Mobile applications
. Mobile web sites
. Planning, purchasing and mobile media optimizations
. Performance campaigns (Cost-per-Call, Cost-per-Download, etc.)


A brand is more than name, is a combination of strengths, emotions, images, experiences, relationships, products and status define a clear and unique personality. Yes, big brands can persuade consumers that there is a better product in the world than yours, but for this brand lasts over time, should meet every day, your promise of value, otherwise any marketing and advertising budget will never be enough to sustain the perception of your customers.

As with any marketing campaign, communication is one of the pillars of the strategy - communication is what we say, how we say it, to whom we say it, and where we -.

For More Communication is where it all comes together regardless of the channel, either digital or traditional, to create something really relevant and distinctive

Insurance Marketing and Co-Branding Cards

EAL Marketing has a successful experience in the marketing of insurance and cards Co Branding internationally.

We achieved the proposed sales targets through a thorough development in the communication strategy using:

-Analysis and enrichment of the database to contact.
-Use of interactive media: e-mail marketing, banners, microsites, web sites.
-Sales through Telemarketing, Face to Face, interactive media and social networks.
-Monitoring, analysis and strategic redefinition to improve the sales index.
-Training courses.